Car Roof Racks

At LNB Towbars & Vehicles Extras Limited in Bristol, we specialise in car roof racks and roof boxes for every need. Find out more by calling our team today and get recommendations on the best roof rack for your needs.

Official Thule partners

As the leading brand of cargo accessories for cars and other vehicles, Thule have developed a well-deserved reputation for robust, high-quality products and practical design. LNB Towbars & Vehicles Extras Limited are proud to be official Thule partners, and suppliers of the full UK range of Thule roof bars & boxes, bicycle racks, and accessories.

Bike on car roof rack

Thule roof bars

Thule roof bars and roof boxes are one of the most convenient and efficient ways to increase the carrying capacity of your car or van. Let us know the make, model, and year of manufacture of your vehicle, and we will offer you a range of suitable products to choose from, which will often include a choice of finishes and aerodynamic options.

A Thule roof rack will allow you to easily transport large items which may not fit in the boot of your car, such as skis or small items of furniture (remember not to exceed the weight limit of the vehicle!).

It is also possible to transport smaller, less robust items on the roof with the addition of a Thule roof box.

Designed to fit snugly on standard roof bars, installing the Thule cargo box range is like having a second boot for your car, They are hugely popular with holidaymakers due to the space they free up inside the vehicle. Choose a Thule box fitted to Thule racks for the most sturdy and reliable combination.

Bike Racks

You can now take bicycles for all the family thanks to the Thule bike rack range which allows up to four bicycles to be carried on a single car, or more if you use the roof too!

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