What We Do

At LNB Towbars, we offer our customers with an array of products and accessories for different vehicles. From bicycle racks to Safe T Bars, today we’re going to talk you through the main products in our collection.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are available in a variety of different forms, attaching to either the roof or a onto towbar at the rear of the vehicle. Each option includes different features that you may opt for depending on your priorities. For example, you may be looking for a bike carrier for electric bikes, or you may want a carrier that easily folds away. Some bikes only carry one bike, whilst others can carry anything from two to four bikes, with additional accessories such as a 300L storage box.

Tow Car A Frames

We supply ‘Towcar A Frames’ in a high quality stainless steel material, using ‘Invisibrake’ electronic vacuum assisted power braking. These products enable you to bring your car along with you when you travel with your motorhome. This enables you to zip about in a smaller car in order to get around more easily, using your motorhome as a base. It features widely separated axles, which work in turn with the car’s braking system. It has a low centre of gravity, so there’s not a lot of snaking movement with this option.

Driving & Reversing Aids

Parking is a breeze even in the tightest of spots when you make use of our reversing and driving aids. These provide audible sensors that increase in frequency when you near another car or object when parking. There’s also the option to purchase a digital display that acts in combination with the sensors to provide a visual guide.

Thule Roof Bars & Boxes

At LNB Towbars, we are proud partners with Thule, a Swedish brand that produced roof bars and boxes. These are ideal for transporting different cargo, no matter how light or heavy, all safely sealed in boxes, or attached securely to bars.

Rhino 'Van' Roof Racks

We are also official suppliers of Rhino roof racks, suitable for most commercial vans. We offer an all-in-one light aluminium rack, as well as heavy duty modular racks. We also supply the Delta bar range, which is made from a high tensile steel system with zinc plating. All these products are made especially to resist corrosion. Additionally, we offer the Safe Ladder Clamp and Safe Stow.


Finally, we also supply Hope Safe-T-Bars, made from a high tensile cold-formed alloy steel, they work to protect the rear of the vehicle from any potential damage from fork-lift loading or any other day-to-day activities with your vehicle. We fit these bars to the specifications of your vehicles, with options for straight protection, recess step, and towing bumpers.

Contact Us

To find out more about any of our products, please complete the online web contact form, or email us at sales@lnbleisure.co.uk. You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 0117 9694955 or visiting us at our Bristol location. A member of the team will be glad to help you.