All You Need to Know About Car Tow Bars

It is always beneficial to have your car with you when travelling in a motorhome for a variety of reasons. In a car you have easier access to smaller roads, cheaper parking and more flexibility with vehicle height restrictions. A professional car tow bar provides a reliable and safe solution for transporting your car to your destination, giving you complete mobility to set off and explore after setting up at your camp site.

Car A-frame

Here at LNB Towbars, we supply our customers with high quality towbars including the towmaster towcar A-frame. Designed for strength, longevity and ease of use, the Towmaster is a high quality, lightweight stainless-steel A-frame fitted with Invisibrake high performance electronic vacuum assisted power braking, a braking system that is key to complying with UNECE Regulation 13.

Benefits of a car A-frame

  • A-frames are a safe and reliable towing option. The Towmaster towing A-frame is 1.2m long to avoid jackknifing the towcar on the motorhome and is FEA tested so that your safety is ensured.
  • The Towmaster does not change the NCAP safety properties of the towcar.
  • A-frames are easy to use. The towmaster A-frame assembles in less than two minutes and simply requires that you connect the coupler before you drive away, as the A-frame will automatically self-centre and lock into place for you. The Towmaster also allows for the easiest coupling, even on your own.
  • When removed they leave no protruding metal so will not affect the look of your car. The Towmaster also folds away for storage in the boot, providing extra convenience whist travelling.

The Legal Requirements for Using an A-frame

At LNB Towbars we have done all we can to ensure that our tow car A-frames and breaking systems meet all the current UK and European legislation, however there are still some legal requirements that you should be aware of before hitting the and putting your A-frame to use. Since the UK department for transport recognise an A-frame as a trailer, your A-frame must comply with the European trailer legislation. This includes:

  • UNECE Regulation 55 for couplings.
  • UNECE Regulation 13 for braking.
  • Statutory Instruments Road Vehicle Lighting Regulation 1989 No.1796 and its amending directives for lighting requirements. 

UNECE Regulation 13 was effective from November 2014, and is the legislation that most traditional A-Frame systems struggle to meet. However, its two biggest two requirements are:

  • That you must achieve a minimum of 50% braking efficiency across all four wheels.
  • If the trailer has power/vacuum-assisted brakes then you must be certain that the system is operable before use.


Are you searching for a high-quality car towbars or for expert advice in finding the right car tow bar or car A-frame? Here at LNB Towbars, we offer range of different towbars to suit a range of requirements and are proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who are more than happy to help in any way they can. We also provide towbar fitting services at our head office in Bristol or can recommend other reputable fitting centres in locations around the UK. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today for more information.