How We Can Help with Driving and Reversing Aids

At LNB Towbars, we are not only a towbar fitting centre, but we can also help you with other applications related to getting the best out of your car. We are a Bristol-based family business, with over a decade of experience providing high quality parts to our customers, with great customer service. Today we will be focusing on our range of reversing and driving aids.

Rear Sensors

Our rear sensors can be fitted with free colour coding, to match the colour of your car. Our flush mount rear sensors offer a sleek finish, blending in with it perfectly. They may be activated when your car is geared in reverse, using ultrasonic systems that pick up on the reflection of sound waves to then warn you as the driver with audible tones. For these, you would normally use six sensors, and drill and mount them onto the bumper,  allowing for full coverage at the back of your car. We also have a watertight rear parking sensor with wireless capabilities, which require less installation, and are ideal for longer vehicles, including trucks, vans, and towing vehicles. Unlike ultrasonic sensors, electromagnetic sensors are mounted on the inner side of a bumper and create an electromagnetic field, monitoring it for disturbance.

Front Sensors

The front sensors work very much in the same way as the rear ones, but as you obviously drive regularly with a forward motion, these need to be activated manually. They can deactivate automatically as determined by the speed of your car. These are less common than rear sensors because it is generally more difficult to see behind you when reversing, but they can still be very useful to work in partnership with the rear sensors when parking.


It is possible to have a display unit fitted inside your car, which is also available as a LED display. This gives you a visual element to aid with your driving and reversing. When parking, you will see five green lights that show you are in a safe zone, and two red lights that act as warnings when you are becoming too close to a nearby object or another car. As well as the colour system, they also display a number, which corresponds to the distance between your car and whatever is surrounding you.


You can buy your rear parking sensor along with a detailed display unit – going from green to yellow, to amber, to red – with this all-in-one package. It includes the watertight wireless rear audible sensor, and the display unit together, suitable for long vehicles of any type.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in finding our more about our range of driving and reversing aids, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our website contact form, or by emailing us at You can also get through to us directly by phone on 0117 9694944. One of our team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.