All About Our Towsteps

Here at LNB Towbars, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all your towbar-related needs. We have a wide array of towbars and related products, including bike racks, A-frames, roof bars and boxes, and more. Today we’re going to focus on our towsteps, or towbar steps.

What are towsteps?

Towsteps, also known as towbar steps, are an additional feature that can be added to a car or van that has a towbar attached to its rear. Towbar steps enable you to have easy access the rear of the vehicle when you need to enter and exit it. Additionally, it has the added bonus of protecting your vehicle’s trim and bodywork.

What types of towsteps are available?

We offer towbar mounted steps and van steps that should suit any vehicle you may have. They are available in a variety of formats to ensure they will be appropriate for the layout of your vehicle and motorhome. A single step can be attached to either the left or the right side of your vehicle, and as an alternative option, we also supply double tow bar mounting steps, which enable the user to climb up with both feet. We are able to customise a specific towbar step to cater perfectly to your needs, or you can purchase a one-size-fits-all option which provides a universal solution to your tow step needs. These come in a variety of colours and are designed to fit onto any flange towbar, which is ideal if you do need to change towbars frequently.

When else should I know about towsteps?

If your towbar is required to sustain great pressure, we can also supply you with our heavy-duty double sided towsteps, and on top of that we can also supply you with a super heavy-duty format. This will ensure your vehicle is able to take any necessary strain. At LNB Towbars, we are Bristol’s best independent tow bar fitting specialist, so we can tell you all you need to know when it comes to towsteps.

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