Five Tips to Get the Most from Your Van

When key part of your business is your van, it’s important to get the most out of it. The most basic suggestion would be to install a roof rack, but you might what to consider in more detail the type of roof rack is best for you, as well as what else you could get out of it in terms of additional parts and accessories. Read on to find out five top tips to help you make the most out of your van today.

Rhino Roof Racks

For instant additional capacity, installing a Rhino roof rack is one of the best things you can do. They are ideal for carrying materials, ladders, and other longer items that wouldn’t be able to fit inside your van itself. Rhino roof racks are easy to install, but there are a few different options here. The gallery style Rhino aluminium rack is 25% lighter than the steel option, and benefits from hardwearing composites for longevity, and aerodynamic cross tubes to decrease the amount of drag and wind noise. Rhino modular roof racks tend to be quicker to install and offer a transportation of 8 x 4 feet boards, with the benefit of corrosion resistance, providing you with a fully welded heavy duty system. Lastly, there’s also the option of having Rhino delta bars, which make use of a heavy duty high tensile steel system, with the same benefits of corrosion resistance and reduction of wind noise and drag.

Roof Rack Accessories

At LNB Towbars, we also stock Rhino safe ladder clamps. These accessories offer you additional safety and security by fastening ladders to your roof rack by a special locking system. They work by hooking round the ladder, then fastening to your roof rack through either an integrated lock.

Pipe Tubes

Additionally, we supply our customers with pipe tubes, providing you with an easy way to carry pipes, as well as materials such as conduit, fascias, and tile trims. They are usually supplied at a standard length of two of three metres, so there is no need to cut materials to take them to the required location site. Due to the intergrated locking system, they will certainly be safe and secure on the roof of your van. Consider the capacity you require and the type of lining that is most suitable when selecting your pipe tubes.

Safe Stow

The Rhino Safe Stow allows you to easily attach and detach materials from your roof, such as ladders. It works by a gliding system that uses belts to secure the materials, and is capable of sliding the items on and off the roof rack system.


Once you’ve fitted the Rhino roof rack products and accessories that best suit your needs, you may consider other aspects of your van, such as internal racking and tool storage. Internal racking upgrades the interior of your van, keeping everything neat and tidy, and easy to access. Steel tool boxes are also handy to have at hand in the back of your van, with options to fasten them into the van itself for additional security.

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