An Overview of Bike Racks

The UK is in the grip of a cycling revolution!  Inspired by the successes of British cyclists in recent years, more and more of us are taking to the roads under our own steam.  From the Tour de France to the Olympics, UK riders have thrilled us with their victories, and cycling has become the fashionable way to travel, keep fit and socialize all at the same time.

And of course, everyone has their favourite type of cycling.  Do you prefer the purity of track riding, the thrills of mountain biking, or one of a seemingly endless list of other disciplines?  While some riders are happy to hop on the bike at their own front door and see where the road takes them, many others need a closed track, off road course or velodrome to pursue their hobby.

For such riders, a car bike rack makes sense.  There are several companies who can supply you with a bike carrier for car trips to your preferred riding venue.  These frames carry one or more bicycles and attach to the back or roof of your car – check out the various types available and choose the right one for you.  Do you want to be able to carry one bicycle at a time or several?  Do you need a bike holder which will swing away to allow you to open your boot?  Or would you prefer a roof mounted system?

When you choose a Thule bike rack from LNB Towbars, you are choosing a product from a market leading brand which will not let you down.  Made to exacting standards from quality materials, Thule bike racks are practical and stylish, and fit most cars and most bicycles.  They usually come with a five year guarantee for your peace of mind, and don’t forget LNB’s professional fitting service can save you a potential headache by securely installing the unit on your vehicle.

The Thule brand made their name with roof racks, and their roof mounted bicycle carrying system lives up to this heritage.  The bars are made from high quality aluminium to avoid adding weight high up on the vehicle, and the attachment points automatically guide the bike into the correct position.  Some riders prefer this system as it avoids complications when manoeuvring the car in traffic, while anyone who might have difficulty lifting their cycle to roof-height may be better with a boot mounted system.

One of the latest developments in the product range is the hitch mount bike rack.  These clever devices mount on your car’s towing hitch, and are easy to attach and remove as required.  Some models are available with an optional cargo box, which makes a practical alternative to a roof box when not transporting bicycles.

The cycling boom shows no signs of slowing down, and you can rely on LNB Towbars to provide the latest and best accessories for transporting your bikes.  And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other market leading products.