Rhino Roof Racks

LNB Towbars supply and fit the full range of Rhino roof racks and accessories.

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The NEW Rhino Alluminium Rack From £415

25% Lighter than its steel equivalent
Comes complete with full width stainless steel rear roller
Hard wearing composites for long life
Aerodynamic cross tubes reduce drag and wind noise
Manufactured from annodised alluminium
Sizes to fit most current commercial vehicles

 Rhino Modular Roof Racks From £270

Supplied with full width rear roller system
Fully welded heavy duty system
TUV GS safety approved and 20g crash tested
All racks enable transportation of 8' x 4' boards
Electroplate primer and polyester black powder coating ensures maximun corrosion resistance
Fits the majority of todays commercial vehicles

Rhino Delta Bars From £95

The Delta bar range is a heavy duty high tensile steel system
It's zinc plating offers high corrosion resistance
Reduces wind noise and drag

Rhino Pipe Tube From £135

 Rhino Safe Ladder Clamp £55

 Rhino Safe Stow Call For Quote

Rhino Safe Clamp Ladder Stow Video

Rhino Safe Stow3 Demonstration Video

Rhino Pipe Tube Video

Roof Racks

When transporting bulkier items, it can be a hassle to take them with you while you travel. With our range of Rhino roof racks from LNB towbars, you can be sure that your goods will stay safely and securely fixed to the roof of your car or van. These racks are ideal for commercial vehicles such as vans and are suitable for carrying a range of items such as ladders, timber, plasterboard, copper tubing and plastics, to name a few. This will provide you with the added peace of mind that once you have reached your destination, your goods will arrive in the exact same state as you last saw them.

The aerodynamic design of rhino roof racks won’t slow you down while you drive, and their high-quality manufacturing makes them a long-lasting and extremely durable transportation solution. Their aluminium material is extremely lightweight, and their electroplate primer and polyester black powder coating ensures they have maximum resistance to corrosion. Combined with their fully welded heavy duty system with TUV GS safety-approved and 20g crash testing, these are a trustworthy and hardwearing choice. 

Alternative to the Rhino roof bars and van roof racks, our range of Rhino ladder racks are a great way to store your vital equipment outside of your van, saving you valuable internal space for the rest of your tools and appliances. By fastening your ladder to the roof of your van by use of the Rhino ladder clamps, you not only keep your ladder out of the way from cluttering your car but are also able to reach it and use it far more quickly than alternative storage methods.

For more information on our Rhino rack range, please do not hesitate to contact us.