Hope Safety Bars

LNB Towbars Safe T Bar Supplier

We supply and fit a comprehensive range of Hope
Safe-T-Bars and steps to most light commercial vehicles

Just like you, your commercial vehicle works hard for a living.  It may travel a hundred miles or more on any given day, and be subjected to the wear and tear inflicted by heavy traffic, careless forklift operators, and tight parking spots.  You can protect your valuable investment from bumps and scrapes by fitting a Hope safety bar.

Manufactured from high tensile cold-formed steel alloy, Hope safety bars (stylised as ‘Safe T Bar’) are heavy duty protective components which fit to the rear of working vehicles like vans and trucks.  Anyone who drives a goods vehicle for a living knows how easy it is to catch your bumper on a bollard or loading bay when reversing in to make a drop.  Some locations can be extremely difficult to access, especially in city centres or tight delivery yards.  And even when stationary, your van may still be subjected to the impact of pallets, cranes, and the like.

The Hope Safe T Bar provides reinforcement right where your vehicle most needs it – just below the rear doors.  Standing several centimetres proud of the standard bodywork, this component offers protection against many of the dents and scratches which inevitably plague most working vehicles.  By bearing the brunt of any impact, the Safe T Bar can protect more fragile and expensive parts such as light clusters, door hinges and floor panels.

Another advantage of Safe T Bar fitting is visibility – a full-width reflective strip makes the bumper stand out to other drivers, whether at night or in poor weather conditions.  Recessed step and towbar attachment models are also available, as are non-slip coatings.  For information on Hope Safe T Bar fitting, and to find the right model for your vehicle, get in touch with LNB Towbars today.