How To Choose the Right Tow Bar for Your Car

Whatever vehicle you plan to attached your tow bar to, there are some considerations you need to make before you select your tow bar. There are three main types of tow bar available in the UK, which include the fixed flange ball tow bar, the detachable swan neck tow bar, and the fixed swan neck tow bar. Here at LNB Towbars, we can offer you the installation of each of these different types of tow bars, supplied only from the best quality brands. Whilst we aim to give you the most competitive rates, along with a quick and convenient service from our workshop, we never compromise on the quality of what we deliver. Read on to find out more about how you may come to choose the right tow bar for your car.

The Fixed Flange Ball Tow Bar

The fixed flange ball tow bar is arguably the most common type of tow bar in the UK. The most common purpose of this type of tow bar is for towing heavy trailers and caravans. The tow ball is the main feature of this type, and this is bolted to a plate that has either 2 or 4 holes. A 25mm spacer can also be used, allowing extra fittings to be attached. It is always important to consider the maximum weight limit, so although this type of tow bar has the added advantage of allowing bikes to be carried on the back of your car along with towing a trailer or caravan, it is vital you don’t exceed the overall weight limit. The flexibility of this product also means that you can adjust the towing height, and fit a bumper shield.

The Detachable Swan Neck Tow Bar

Throughout the rest of Europe, the detachable swan neck tow bar is a very popular choice. As this type of tow bar is detachable, it means it doesn’t have to be fitted the whole year round. If you find tow bars tend to get in the way when not needed, this may be the option for you. Despite this detachable feature, even when fitted it doesn’t restrict access to the boot of the car. The limitation of this type of tow bar is that it is not possible to tow and carry bikes at the same time. If this is important to you, then the fixed flange ball tow bar would be more suitable for your needs.

The Fixed Swan Neck Tow Bar

Finally, the fixed swan neck tow bar is used extensible in other countries, but not as common in the UK. As it has the limitations of the previously mentioned tow bar, it also does not have the added benefit of being detachable. Although it is also not possible to carry bikes at the same time as towing with this type of tow bar, it is known to be the least likely to set off any reversing sensors on your car. As with each of these, there are pros and cons, and as well as being more expensive than the other kinds of tow bar, it is also not possible to install it if you have a bumper shield.

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