How Our Tow Bars Can Help You

At LNB Towbars, we provide our customers with different kinds of tow bars are other related products. We offer high quality parts, as well as great workmanship and service. Today we’re going to look at some of the ways our tow bars and key products can help you.

Tow Bars

We supply tow bars in a range of leading brands, with the following styles: flange, swan neck, detachable, and retractable. We aim to keep our products as affordable as possible, but never compromise on their quality, providing guarantees for any purchase you make. Being based at our Bristol workshop, we make sure to give you the best service whilst we fit your tow bar. You can stay in the workshop as we carry out the work, make use of our waiting room with its TV, Wi-Fi and refreshments, or explore the local area with a free courtesy car.


We offer dedicated tow bar electrics kits, which involves wiring that is integrated with your make and model or vehicle. This doesn’t mean that it will be the manufacturers’ original equipment. There is also an option to install universal wiring systems, which will mean that the kit will be able to fit another vehicle, as opposed to the dedicated electrics kit that will only fit the one it is specifically designed for. We will also assess which type of connection is the best for your specific application, whether crimp, soldered, or displacement. When considering the electronics, there’s also universal relays, including flasher circuit buzzers,  those for accessories such as parking sensors, and adapters.


Our tow bars can also be fitted with a step. We offer basic single or double steps, as well as large full-width rear mounted steps, which can be supplied with or without the tow bar. They range in price from as little as £32.50 for our most basic option, to our most advanced at £505.83 (not including VAT). Some of these also come in different colours, including silver, black, or yellow.


At LNB Towbars, we specialise in motorhomes, so we are one of the best places you can go to supply and fit a tow bar for your motorhome. All our tow bar comply with the European standard, imported from manufacturers in Germany, Holland, and the UK, so our tow bars should fit most vehicles. We can even look at your motorhome and make a tow bar for your specific measurements, which may be required for older vehicles. Due to their larger size, motorhome tow bars are more expensive than those for cars, so expected costs will be between £700 to £1200.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our tow bars and other related products, please get in contact with us by completing our online contact form, or send us an email at You can also speak to a member our family-run business by calling 0117 9694944. We will be happy to assist with your enquiries.