Air Suspension for Motorhomes

Bristol’s LNB Towbars & Vehicle Extras Limited is a specialist supplier and installer of TUV approved motorhome air suspension systems. Get in touch today for a free quote on your installation and our team will be on-hand to advise you.

What are the benefits of air suspension?

  • Increased stability
  • Reduced sensitivity to wind
  • Significantly improved road holding
  • Maintenance of correct braking pressure
  • Less tyre wear
  • Always correct driving height
  • Prevent damage on ferries or driveways
  • The possibility of levelling left and right independently
  • Possibility of increased payload capacity
LNB Leisure Equipment Ltd

Our service

The standard air suspension kits that we install include an integral air compressor and – where possible – a dash fitted control panel as standard. This gives you full control from the driver’s seat to harden or soften the ride, to raise or lower the height, or to make small adjustments as needed.

For vans with leafspring suspension, we can also offer the basic system consisting of just air bellows and inflation valves.

We stock kits for leafsping converted van chassis, Alko single axle chassis, and Alko tag axle chassis and motorhomes of all makes. Just contact our team for fully fitted prices.

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