Levelling Systems for Motorhomes

Find out more about the HPC fully automatic motorhome levelling system from LNB Towbars & Vehicle Extras Limited in Bristol, by calling our team today. We’ll be on hand to provide expert advice, or come and see us for a full working demonstration.

HPC Hydraulic Motorhome Levelling

We provide the high quality HPC hydraulic levelling system at a competitive price. This system works to provide the convenience of a level and stable motorhome in less than 90 seconds, leaving you free to do anything else.

Through this system, you can choose from four different levelling positions (level 1, level 2, tank drain, and stabilise), benefiting from a touch-screen control panel, as well as manual adjustments to extend and retract. You can even download a special smart phone application to control it through the touch of a button.

This manual control simplifies tasks such as changing a wheel or fitting snow chains. Having a level motorhome means you won’t have any more shower drainage issues, uneven cooking surfaces, or rocking from wind or walking around the motorhome. It also avoids the problem of driving up ramps or sinking the driven wheels into mud.

An HPC motorhome automatic levelling system is extremely lightweight, featuring jacks made from anodised aluminium. It also features an emergency pump handle, so you’ll always have a way out of any sticky situation.

Benefits of HPC hydraulic motorhome levelling

  • Level in just 90 Seconds
  • Lightweight (just 40kgs)
  • Aluminium anodised jacks will not rust
  • No paint
  • Smart phone app control
  • Modern touch screen operation panel
  • 4 different level settings (level 1, level 2, tank drain, stabilise)
  • Easy to change a tyre or fit snow chains
  • No rocking on the suspension
  • 12V or 24V
  • Intelligent diagnostic history logging
  • Takes the weight off the wheels
  • Doesn’t get stuck in the mud
  • Lifts up to 30 tonnes
  • Maintenance-free for five years (oil change)

HPC Motorhome Levelling System Installed

Why not come and see the levelling system in our Bristol showroom, and ask us for a fully fitted motorhome demonstration, to get a full picture of the system in action.

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