Advanced Lightweight Lithium Batteries for Motorhomes

For advanced lightweight lithium batteries for your motorhome, contact Bristol’s LNB Towbars & Vehicle Extras Limited. Our friendly team will be able to advise you, ensuring you can get a quality battery that will offer excellent performance for years to come.

Lifos batteries

The Lifos range of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries delivers outstanding performance in all high-cycling applications and is an ideal replacement for a lead acid leisure battery without the need for additional charging equipment.

Choose from battery sizes, 68Ah and 105Ah to best match your energy needs. Connected to your smartphone via its Bluetooth app, you’ll be kept abreast of the batteries state at all times.

LIFOS 68 Lithium Battery (LIFOS68)

The Lifos 68 provides a massive 2750 cycles (note – a cycle is considered a full charge and discharge) at 90% depth of discharge, ensuing that 61.2Ah of usable power is available. Compare this to a lead acid battery with a typical 50% DOD and it’s clear that a 120Ah gross capacity will be needed to replicate the power of Lifos 68. And yet, Lifos is a third smaller in size and a quarter the weight. Its huge 2750 cycles (at 90% DOD) jumps to an even more impressive 3500 cycles at 75% DOD – that’s nearly 10 years of trouble-free operation.

LIFOS 105 Lithium Battery (LIFOS9105)

As the flagship in the Lifos range, the Lifos 105 is the only choice where maximum power, minimal weight and longest cycle life are critical. The Lifos 105 provides an amazing 2750 charge / discharge cycles with a 95% depth of discharge giving a usable battery capacity of 99.75Ah. To replace this a 200Ah lead acid battery would be needed but instead of weighing in at nearly 60kgs, the Lifos 105 is a featherweight 11.9kgs.

Order your battery

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