Solar Panels for Motorhomes

Looking for solar panels for motorhomes in Bristol? Give LNB Towbars & Vehicle Extras Limited a call today and get expert advice and guidance from our experienced team.

High-quality motorhome solar panels

Here at LNB Towbars & Vehicle Extras Limited, we stock high-quality solar panels that are suitable for your motorhome, fitted with MPPT regulators that can be monitored via a Smart Phone app.

LNB Leisure Equipment Ltd

Quality control

With our semi-automated ISO9001 compliant production line, manual handling is reduced to a minimum which results in consistently high-quality output.

Solar Panel Testing


Each solar panel is 100% electrically and mechanically tested in accordance with TUV Rhineland and IEC 61215 standards. Our test equipment is calibrated regularly to ensure consistent compliance with these standards. All our panels are also electro luminescence tested to ensure there are no life-shortening micro-cracks in the cell circuit.

LNB Leisure Equipment Ltd

Reliable warranty

We guarantee all crystalline panels to withstand the effects of saltwater spray, frost, hail stones, ammonia, dust, and sand in the globe’s harshest environments, ranging from -40 to +80C.

LNB Leisure Equipment Ltd


Each panel has a unique barcode which contains the DNA of the panel from the electrical test data taken during production, to the components used in the construction.  This gives each panel total provenance enabling us to conduct ongoing batch testing of panels in the field to ensure long-term compliance with our warranties.

LNB Leisure Equipment Ltd

Lightweight and efficient

Only A grade cells are used, to ensure the delivery of maximum power in all spectra of light but with the smallest overall dimension. This results in a more compact, robust, and lighter solar panel.  Increased spacing between the cells and frame edge also results in improvement of yields by up to 2.5%.

To find out more or get a free quote on solar panel installation, give our team a call today.

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