ALKO Chassis Air Suspension Kit with Compressor




For vehicles based on an ALKO chassis the suspension is different. These systems should only be fitted by skilled trained professionals. It works by placing an air bellow between the swinging suspension arm and a bracket strategically mounted to the ALKO chassis. The air in this bellow then controls both the ride height, and the amount of travel in the swinging arm. It includes two air bellows that sit between the arm and the chassis, all the professionally designed and TUV approved brackets, hoses connectors and valves, and a compressor mounted in the vehicle to control the level/pressure. Also a dash mounted control panel with gauges and an inflate/deflate control switch for both sides. Giving you full control from the drivers seat to adjust for comfort, ride, or to raise the rear to clear an obstacle such as a ferry ramp.

Tag axle ALKO chassis, require extra bellows and brackets and a more powerful compressor.


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