Alpine INE904DUC Halo 9” Audio


The INE-F904DU8 Alpine Halo9 Navi for the new 2022 model year Fiat Ducato 8 will be your perfect companion to enhance all your tours and vacations.

The built-in motorhome navigation system includes TomTom maps for 48 countries and includes very useful features, such as selectable motorhome profiles, a park4night database, as well as a BordAtlas database. It also includes the all-new Preflight Check – a fully customizable system that reminds you before your departure to secure all doors, turn-off the gas and secure other items that can cause damage while driving.

You can also use your favourite apps (such as Google maps, Waze, Spotify, WhatsApp,etc) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The super-slim 9-inch display appears to simply hover over your dashboard and even includes a white LED ambient light on the bottom.

Next to cutting edge navigation, you get DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming and much more with this amazing product. Bring the future of car-media to your FIAT Ducato 8 with the Alpine Halo9 Navi.

Steering Wheel Telephone Controls

Steering Wheel Telephone Controls

Unlike other manufacturers, the Alpine system is fully compatible with the Ducato III Version 8’s steering wheel control buttons, including telephone accept & decline buttons.

Professional Motorhome Navigation

Your Alpine system comes wit pre-installed map data for 48 European countries. You can easily purchase additional countries and regions online to upgrade your database (incl. USA, Canada and many more). It features the latest iGo Primo nextgen navigation software and is compatible with both GPS and Glonass for highest location accuracy. The TomTom navigation maps provide free-of-charge updates for 3 years.

Selectable Motorhome Profiles

You can choose between 3 different motorhome profiles (S / M / L) or create your own profile by manually entering vehicle length, height, width and weight. The Alpine system will take the measures and weight of your vehicle into account and propose only routes suitable for your vehicle.

Built-in DAB+ Digital Radio

The built-in DAB+ tuner uses the most advanced digital technology to deliver radio reception with outstanding, noise-free sound quality. DAB+ also offers many other advantages over traditional FM radio: choose from a much wider range of radio stations and after the initial station scan easily select your desired channels from an alphabetic or genre list of available stations.

Adjustable Display Angle

You can adjust the INE-F904DU8’s display angle from +45 degrees to -20 degrees to match a wide range of dashboard angle. After the display angle is set, it gets locked into place during installation to be rock-steady while driving over any terrain and when pushing with your finger on the display to control the unit.

Adjustable Display Height and Distance

The display height can be adjusted +/- 3cm from the center position. This allows fully standing or hanging display configurations as well as everything in between. You can also adjust the distance of the display to your dash in a 20mm range. After the display height and distance to the dash are selected, everything gets locked into place to be very solid.

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