Towmaster2 A-Frame for Motorhomes

Our Towmaster 2 A Frame motorhome towbar has a unique design that allows the car to be attached with ease by allowing the coupling to move freely left or right or forward or rearwards to attach to the tow ball without needing to move the car. Combined with the really fast attaching EZ lock system, means you can be attached and on your way in seconds.

The New and Improved Towmaster 2

  • The Unique EZ Lock system makes it very fast to attach with a simple 90-degree turn. EZ Lock is a stronger design that is thicker and is made from a stronger material. The addition of a locking tab on the EZ Lock arms means the attachment lynchpin cannot rotate and is more secure. It also allows for a padlock to be used to lock this end onto the tow car for security if desired.
  • Anti-Binding Release Levers make it easier to release the auto lock mechanism if the tow car is parked on uneven terrain.
  • New Improved Design Lynch Pins: the new design offers a safe and very secure attachment, and the two parts are cabled together to prevent losing any parts.
  • Stays retracted for storage. Adding snug-fitting seals to the Towmaster 2 stainless steel arms prevents them from accidentally sliding out when packing away into the storage bag.
  • New Design Round Stainless Steel Drawbars. The round shape of the drawbar offers a smoother action and added strength.
  • Built-In Cable Holding Clips. Permanently fitted clips mean no more bungee cords to hold up the electrics cable.
Motorhome Towing Car

More Great Features of the Towmaster2

  • Autolock locking mechanism allows both A-Frame arms to extend or retract for a quick and simple connection without the need for a second person. Then, as you drive away, the arms self-centre and automatically lock.
  • Baked-on powder coat finish. Charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the A-frame. They fuse to the metal to form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish.
  • Computer-designed and tested. For structural integrity, longevity, and safety, Towmaster 2 has been FEA computer tested (Finite Element Analysis) and destruction tested (fatigue tested on a continuous push-pull cycle).
  • Maintains Vehicle NCAP accident safety features. Towmaster uses manufacturers towing locations and does not interfere with any designed crumple zones.
  • 1.2m Long. Deliberately designed length to avoid jack-knifing the car and motorhome on tight corners.
  • Very Discreet. When Towmaster 2 is removed, we ensure the car looks as close as possible to its original design and silhouette.
  • Lightweight and folds for storage. Towmaster 2 is just 12Kgs and folds away into a neat storage bag that fits in the boot.
  • Factory-made to ensure each Towmaster2 conforms to the exact same standard.

Check Out Our Towmaster 2 A-Frame Videos

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