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What Is A Motorhome Self Levelling System & Why Do I Need One?

Your motorhome is a home you can take anywhere, in theory. A common problem is getting a nice level surface for it. Resting on an unlevel surface can cause a number of problems. Fortunately there’s a solution.


Problems With Unlevel Surfaces

To many people new to motorhome living, it may seem that any secluded area is a fine place to set up. But an unlevel surface is more than an annoyance. Here’s why:

  • Trouble Sleeping – When your motorhome is unlevel, some people may be trying to sleep with their feet higher than their heads, which will cause a blood flow problem and discomfort. Other people may be tilted to the left or right, which can push them against hard surfaces or cause them to fall out of bed and hurt themselves.
  • General Comfort and Safety – If you’re not used to living in a motorhome, getting up at night to use the restroom can be a bit difficult. It’s much more difficult if the motorhome is on an unlevel surface. You can easily fall or knock something over. Unlevelness can also make it hard to play cards or board games, as the cards and pieces can slide right off the table. And an unlevel motorhome can rock and sway when you walk around or when the wind blows.
  • Cooking Issues – One benefit of motorhome living is the ability to cook in your vehicle. This is complicated if you’re on an unlevel surface, which can cause food to slide off of the counter or burner. This wastes food and makes a mess. Hot food or boiling water sliding off a burner can cause danger as well.
  • Trouble with Appliances – Appliances do best with a level surface. This is especially true for refrigerators that have internal fluids. You do not want your refrigerator malfunctioning on a long road trip.
  • Shower Drainage Issues – If your motorhome has a shower, unlevel surfaces can prevent the water from draining properly. You do not want dirty water seeping into your common area.


What About Wood Planks and Leveling Blocks?

A common workaround to parking a motorhome on unlevel surfaces is to travel with planks of wood or levelling blocks. This is not a perfect solution. You can’t easily slide them under the wheels of your motorhome once you realize it’s not level. You have to carefully move the motorhome, set the planks or blocks down, then carefully move the motorhome back into place, hoping it will be level enough for you and your guests. If it’s still not right, it’s not easy to adjust. Wheels can also slide off the pieces, causing disruptions and even safety hazards.


Why Do I Need a Self-Levelling System?

Motorhome self-levelling systems are a much more secure and convenient method of keeping your motorhome level, on nearly any type of stable solid surface.

LNB Towbars offers several varieties of HPC hydraulic motorhome levelling. With this system, you can choose from four different levelling positions: Level 1, Level 2, Tank Drain, and Stabilise. You can easily make adjustments electronically,  either through the touch-screen control panel or with a smart phone app. With these controls, you can perfectly level and stabilise your motorhome in a matter of seconds.

It also simplifies tasks such as changing a wheel or fitting snow chains. A Manual control features means you can perform tasks without power as an emergency backup.

HPC motorhome automatic levelling systems are also extremely lightweight, featuring jacks made from anodised aluminium. And they feature an emergency pump handle so you’ll always have a way out of sticky situations. You have power options of 12V or 24V, with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonnes.

To get a full picture of everything these levelling systems are capable of, and how easy they are to use, come on over to our Bristol showroom for a fully fitted motorhome demonstration.

LNB is a motorhome specialist in Bristol, delivering a wide range of products and accesso the products and accessories that we sell for motorhomes and cars.

With our years of experience in the motorhome and motorhome industry, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands. We are focused on providing high-quality products for motorhomes. Our team will ensure that we provide the best products for your vehicle enabling you to tow your motorhome or travel in your motorhome. As motorhome and motorhome owners ourselves, we have a great understanding of your needs and the desire for convenience.

We take pride in offering an exceptional service that makes getting your motorhome accessories a hassle-free process. Our towbar experts deliver a professional fitting service that meets the very highest standards, and we’ll even offer you a free courtesy car while your vehicle is with us.

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